Quality Control & Quality Assurance

SAURABH METALS PVT LTD, an ISO-9001:2008 Company, manufacturing steel castings and forgings is committed to timely delivery of products, assuring product quality as per customer’s technical requirements.All our test and measuring equipment’s are fully checked and calibrated by NABL accredited lab traceable to national standards.

Environmental Health & Safety

Our top priority has always been safety, health and environment. In order to comply with international norms, local laws and also the ISO-14001:2004 &
OHSAS-18001:2007 requirements, we can proudly say that we have instilled in ourselves the discipline of safety, health and environment.


ONH 836 Oxygen /Nitrogen /Hydrogen
 Leco, UK Make ONH-836 element analyzer for simultaneous analyzer of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen in single analysis in steel & refractory materials.
 Sets of primary calibration pins of variable element ranges.
Direct Reading Spectrometer
 ARL ADVANTAGE, USA Make Direct Reading Spectrometer with 32 channels.
 Set of Primary calibration Blocks imported from MBH / BAS UK of Plain Carbon Steels, Mild Steels, Austenitic Manganese Steels, Stainless Steels, Chill Cast Irons (For SG Iron), High Alloy Chill Cast Irons (for Ni- Resist).
Niton XL-2 GOLD 980 XRF Analyzer
 Niton, USA Make X-Ray Fluorescence analyzer for Low & High detection limits. Useful for steel, Ferro alloy and refractory materials.
 Double Disc Metallographic Sample Polishing machine.
 Metallurgical Microscope upto 1000 X with camera attachment.
Wet Chemical Testing
 Carbon & Sulphur Strohline apparatus.
 Wet analysis lab for analyzing all the relevant elements like C, Mn, Si, S, P, Mo, Ni, Cr etc in iron and steel and analysis of various Ferro alloys etc.
Mechanical Testing
 Tensile Testing Machine - 40 MT.
 Izod / Charpy Impact Testing machine.
 Facility for Impact Testing up to – 50º C.
 Profile Projector for checking Notch Profile.
 Fixed Bench type Brinell Hardness Tester.
 Fixed Bench Type Rockwell Hardness Tester.
 Rockwell Type Portable Hardness Tester.
 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with accessories.
 Portable Hardness Tester.
 Magnetic Particle Tester - Prod Type AC/DC - 4000 Amps.
 Magnetic Particle Tester - Yoke Type
NDT & Final Inspection
 Digital Ultrasonic Flow Detector With DGS Scale (0 – 5 Mtrs.)
 Digital Ultrasonic Flow Detector (0 – 300 mm)
 Radiography Examination Facilities
 Liquid Penetrate Inspection (Die/Penetrate/Cleaner)
3D – CMM Facilities
 CMM Accurate make Model MEGA, Size = 1200 x 2000 x 1000 mm Accuracy = 3.2 +L/350 micron
 Portable CMM (Hexagon Metrology) Sigma Arm measuring envelope 2200 mm and 5200 mm Accuracy = +/- 0.025 mm
Simulation support software
 3D Modeling software
Dimension Inspection
 Marking Table – 1 X 3 & 2.5 Dia (Mtrs)
 Height Gauge (Electra Electronics) - 600 mm
 Height Gauge - 300 mm
 Height Gauge - 600 mm
 Height Gauge - 1000 mm
 Vernier Caliper - 150 mm
 Vernier Caliper - 1000 mm
 Inside Micrometer – 50–500mm
 Inside Micrometer – 50–1500mm
 Outside Micrometer – 0–25mm
 Outside Micrometer – 300–400mm
 Outside Micrometer – 700–800mm
 Depth Vernier – 0–300mm